Iím compiling a list of ships that have been connected to my family.Some were owned or had interests in, some were mastered or captained, some were crew.There are ships where my family members were the passengers, usually as they immigrated.


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Atcherson†††† Aumann†††† Bagg     Baily†††† Banister     Benoit†††† Blood†††† Bowyer†††† Briggs†††† Brooks†††† Brown†††† Burch†††† Cann     Capstick†††† Chapin     Churchill†††† Coggeshall     Colvin†††† Cooke     Cornell†††† Craig†††† Dane     Ely ††† Fletcher ††† Heath†††† Henke†††† Hilak     Horr†††† Joslin or Josselyn   Keep     Kinnie†††† Knowlton†††† Kohls†††† Kowald†††† Kowalkowski†††† Langlois†††† Leonard     Locke   Longhurst†††† Mathie†††† Mertl   Millard†††† Neller†††† Norton     Potter†††† Reade   Slama†††† Spaulding†††† Walker     Wilcox     Wingrove†††† Vavrinek ††† Vobr††††

Follow the links of parents to move back in time and children to move forward.Clicking on siblings will move you sideways to cousins.I apologize for when there are confusing multiple links on children. I guess Iím just being over zealous.

        List of ships that have been connected to my family.

        Though not directly related to me, here is a summary of Fletcher Genealogy that was very close to my family.

        My paper studying the emigration of Thomas Brooks and his family from England to New York via Canadaís Grosse Ile.

        A fascinating letter of Ida Brooks recounting Brooks Family History.  Read it here.

        Here is the unaltered version of the family tree drawing by Ina Briggs Neller, Caroline Briggs Mathie, and Marjorie Peterson Greenwald, which I have used as a backdrop for this page.

        A Bit Of Grandma's Life by Leona S. Dane Briggs, including wonderful details of early life in Lockeport and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

        Leonaís Story.This is what Iím calling my research of Leona Daneís descriptions of her familyís 1860 immigration from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Appleton, Wisconsin.Iím fact checking and I give it more depth and detail thatís never been achieved before.

        Frost Park, previously known as Victoria Park, in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. 

        Old Locke Burial Grounds in Lockeport, Nova Scotia, sometimes referred to as Pioneer Cemetery.           

        Here's a photo of 'our' Joslin castle.  Go to photo.                



You may e-mail me at mailto:jrkho5@sbcglobal.net.  I'll do my best to answer any questions and to incorporate suggestions and all additions that are offered.  Thank you.

 All the time and effort that went into developing this Family Tree I dedicate to my Mother.  She put a lot of time and effort into me. 

Thanks Mom!  And Merry Christmas! (2004)


I am deeply grateful and thank those that I recently met in Nova Scotia.Special appreciation goes to the Town of Lockeport, Councillor Howard Roszell and his wife, the Ragged Islands Historical Society, and Mr. Fred Partridge.Thanks to the Yarmouth County Museum & Archives and Research Assistant Donovan Bain.Thanks to Laura and the Shelburne County Genealogical Society Research Centre & Library.I also had the pleasure of visiting the Ipswich Public Library in Ipswich, Massachusetts and thank them for their wonderful archives and research room.And a very special thanks to the anonymous couple that stopped and helped my family when our van broke down outside of Yarmouth, and the Yarmouth Pontiac dealer whose mechanic stayed late to help a desperate family.††

I would like to thank my family for assisting me, especially Betty Kowald, Margaret Sharp, Elizabeth Fears, and Lisa Slama.  While quite of bit of information has been compiled from family history, both oral and written, there is a significant amount that has been researched with the help of others.  I would like to thank: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for their Family Search website and to all its contributors; Riverside Cemetery and its helpful staff in Appleton, Wisconsin; the public records within the Social Security Death Index; the Milwaukee County Genealogical Society in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, especially Darlene Johnson Norman; and the Marathon County Historical Society in Wausau, Wisconsin.Thank you to Patricia Deardorff for all her information, photos, artifacts, and especially for putting me in contact with James Locke Neller and the rest of the Neller family.Thanks to Gretchen Dane Burdick for her contributions to the Dane Family.

I invite all those that view this site to share it and/or the information within, with all of their friends and family.  All have permission to copy and use this information for personal reasons.  Creating a link to my website is also permitted.  However, any use of the website, or the information within, for profit or other business reasons must receive my permission in advance.  Please contact Jim Kowald at jrkho5@sbcglobal.net.

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