Ruth Kinnie (Millard) Briggs†††† 1839-1894

Born:†† April 20, 1839 in South New Berlin, New York.

Died: May 18, 1894 in Chicago, Illinois.Buried by husband in Appleton, Wisconsin, Riverside Cemetery,


Spouse:††††††††† Ansel Bailey Briggs, m. 1861 while students at Lawrence University. Another source suggests that the marriage took place in 1858 in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

Children:†††††††† Daniel Judson Briggs(b. March 4, 1862, d. April 6, 1862)

Charles Robert Briggs

††††††††††††††††††††††† Marion Josephine Briggs (More info on Fatherís page.)

††††††††††††††††††††††† Maude Millard Briggs(More info on Fatherís page.)


Fatherís name:Judson Millard ††††† Birth place:New York state(More below)

Motherís name:Ruth Kinnie †††††††††† Birth place:New York state

Siblings:†††††††† Louisa Millard (b. 1844 in New York state)

John B. Millard (b. abt. 1848 in Wisconsin, d. March 16, 1887 in Snohomish, Washington.)




Iíve been told that the Kinney family has been traced back to a Sir Thomas Kinne of Kingís Lynn, Norfolk, England, born in 1578.


Sometime between 1844 and 1848 the Millards moved from New York to Wisconsin.

Some details regarding Millard line:

  • Judson Millard, b. abt. 1810, d. March 3, 1865.Buried in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, Rock Lake Cemetery.Son of Walter and Ruth (Spink) Millard.
  • Walter Millard, b. September 17, 1781, d. June 9, 1837.Son of Joshua and Lydia (Young) Millard.
  • Joshua Millard, b. January 12, 1744/45, d. July 8, 1830.2nd spouse Vien Millard.Son of John and Mehitable (Willey) Millard.
  • John Millard, b. abt 1709, d. April 2, 1803. 2nd spouse Elizabeth Millard.Son of Thomas and Rebecca Millard.
  • Thomas Millard, b. June 23, 1678, d. 1728.Son of Humphrey and Elizabeth (Smith) Millard.
  • Humphrey Millard, b. abt 1656, d. April 5, 1684.


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